We’ve all been there… a night of friends and fun all ends at the walk-up window of a some greasy grub joint.  Many $20 bills and a massive headache later, you start to regret last night’s drunken decisions.  Here’s a quick breakdown of all the calories you might be consuming in addition to your regular eating routine… a real formula for weight gain when going out 🙁

TOTAL: 1,680 calories per night x 4 late nights per month = 6,720 late night calories per month
(That’s enough to gain almost 2 lbs. per month!)

This really has me thinking about how we can make late nights a little less destructive when drinking.  Stay tuned, folks!

P.S.  Check out this CDC fact sheet to learn more about “binge drinking”.

— lj

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December 19, 2014

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