Brown Bag It Day 2014

A mid-day meal could make your break your day.  But don’t let that intimidate you or be a cause of food frustration.  Instead, check out my 4 super simple brown bag lunch ideas (2 refrigerated and 2 non-refrigerated) that anyone could create!  These balanced, calorie-conscious meals will be sure to fuel you up so you can take on the rest of your busy day.


(1) multi-grain tortilla / cheese wedge / deli turkey / veggie spring mix

(2) romaine lettuce / black beans / shredded cheese / salsa / whole grain tortilla chips

(3) light tuna pouch / whole grain crackers / larabar

(4) whole wheat bread / nut butter snack pack / carrot snack bag / hummus to go


And if you’re looking for a reusable snack bag, you must take a peak at spbang‘s adorable packs. spbang reusable snack bag The best part is they’re dishwasher safe!

Lunch on my friends,

— lj


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