It’s a little perplexing to think that our body image (how we feel about our physical body & they way it looks) and eating could have anything to do with one another.  The truth is that the current state of our body image, whether positive or negative, isn’t something we’re just born with.  Body image is learned from our friends, family, life experiences, and environment just to name a few factors.

And we all know that being able to balance our eating and emotions in a healthful way is very challenging, but if we can harmonize these habits, food CAN fuel our bodies and a positive body image.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that “[a] healthy diet is essential to overcoming poor body image issues. Embrace a variety foods with balance is key.”  You can feel fit AND better about your body by caring for it each and every day.  Start by giving some of my tips a try for improved eating and body image:

  1. Change your food chatter:  Avoid referring to foods in terms of “good” or “bad” which leads us on a rollercoaster ride in terms of how we’re feeling about our delicious decisions.  Rather, define food for what it really is… super sweet and satisfying vs. “bad” or full of fiber and refreshing vs. “good”.
  2. Act on your intuition:  Allow yourself to want what your body wants and eat when your body needs to eat (que the gut grumblies!) until you physically feel like you’ve had enough fuel to conquer your next quest.
  3. Be open to different ideas:  Consider your current customs and whether or not they’re really helping you achieve a healthier, happier self.  If not, encourage yourself to explore other outlooks and embrace unfamiliar eats to get you there.  You’ll never know until you try!
  4. Nix #AllTheNegatives:  Just as we’re trying to change our food chatter, challenge yourself to do the same when it comes to comments about your body’s size and shape and be sure to throw in a compliment (or two!).
  5. Be grateful for YOUR body:  The body is a wondrous, complex, confusing creature that has the potential to help you push closer towards all your dreams and desires each and every day.  So take a moment to thank your body… the only body you’ll ever have… the only body you’ll ever need… for being the irreplaceable foundation of your ever growing life-force.

Cheers to a better body my beautiful friend 🙂

— lj

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