Baby, it’s cold outside!  And that means CuddlDuds, movie-watching marathons, spiked cider, and a new batch of fruits & veggies to enjoy this winter season.

Today, I’m shining the spotlight on BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  (Don’t you make that face!)  Brussels pack only 10 calories per sprout.  Not to mention, they are a good source of dietary fiber & folate AND high in Vitamin C.  I think the best-est way to enjoy these little beauties is to roast ‘em like it’s hot!  Check out Cooking In Red Socks’ SIMPLY ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS for my go-to, no-fail way to prepare these nutrient-rich veggies.  They really don’t need much else for flavor, but feel free to add your favorite herbs & spices.

Be sure to give brussels a chance, friends.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

— lj


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