Not long ago I came across this article “4 Lists That Will Change Your Life” by Scott Stabile on HuffPost and immediately decided that I HAVE to do this!  But I also really wanted to involve my friends, family, and fans in the life-changing, list-making process.  So it was then that the #ChangeYourLifeChallenge was born!

The idea is pretty simple… take some time to really reflect and compile the 4 following lists:

  1. Week #1 The Gratitude List: “What are you grateful for?”
  2. Week #2 The Proud Accomplishments List: “What are you proud of?”
  3. Week #3 The People You Love and Who Love You List: “Make a list of all the people you love deeply, as well as those who love you deeply. “
  4. Week #4 The Inspirational Mantras List: “Create a list with those words that have inspired you the most, that have helped you find perspective or have simply made you smile.”

To participate in the challenge, just be sure to post your weekly list on any of your social networks (blog posts preferred, but Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are all acceptable) with the hash tag #ChangeYourLifeChallenge.  Feel free to use my graphics below during the challenge!

And it doesn’t matter when you start, just start!  Hopefully at the end of this 4 week exercise you’ll feel a little more grateful, a little more proud, a little more loved, and a little more inspired!

Will you join the #ChangeYourLifeChallenge? 

— lj

P.S. A BIG thanks to Scott for helping us create our “To Be Happy” lists!


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