Sooo Justin Timberlake is making his way to Music City & you know who has tickets! As I’ve previously mentioned in my About Me space, JT can do no wrong guys — whether he’s flexing his music skillz, his dance skillz, his acting skillz (OK maybe this is where he’s not totally on point), or his fashion skillz. These next few posts will be totally dedicated to #CountdownToJT just because of his pure awesomeness.

FUN FOOD FACT: 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt (aka sodium) = ~300 milligrams of sodium (or ¼ teaspoon of salt = ~600 milligrams). Most dietary guidelines recommend the average person keep total salt intake to <2,300 milligrams per day. Opt for herbs and salt-free seasonings for more flavor, but be careful about sea salt as it actually contains about the same amount of sodium as regular table salt!

(See what I did there with the salt? Salt. Rock.)

Any who!

Lets bring salt-less sexy back y’all.



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