I just love summer!  It means tank tops, tan lines, cook outs, & taking the time to enjoy the weather & more lax schedules.  It also means it’s road trip season!  In fact, according to AAA, two-thirds of American adults will take the time to get away from their day-to-day from now til Labor Day.  And while car troubles could definitely top the list of road trip fails, where & what to eat can be a cause for concern too!  Here are 3 tips to tackle road trips without giving up on a balanced lifestyle:

  1. Turning into the rest stop & grabbing a big bag of munchies can make for an easy car snack, but it can also cause portions & calories to soar.  Get around this common bump in the road by opting for pre-portioned snacks & beverages.  Single serving options will keep the car clean & your calories in check. Enjoy:
    a) 100-calorie snack bags of crackers or nuts
    b) nut-based energy or granola bars
    c) portion-controlled sizes of your favorite flavored beverage

    When I prep for a road trip I like to make sure I have Coca-Cola mini cans in my cooler.  They have the great taste I’m looking for & are only 90 calories!  Be sure to also pack a variety of low or no-calorie beverages.

  2. Not all snacks have to come from a convenience store.  Making homemade to-go munchies is easier than you think.  Try some of the following ideas and stock your cooler when necessary before you hit the road:
    a) trail mix filled with your favorite unsalted nuts & unsweetened dried fruit
    b) frozen fruit with a low-fat frozen yogurt tube
    c) a savory snack pack with reduced-fat cheese cubes, whole-grain crackers & fresh cut veggies
    d) nut butter “crackers” made with apple slices and cinnamon spice

    Not only are these choices nutrient-rich, but their fiber & protein will also keep you feeling full until you reach your destination.

  3. Lastly, making balanced meals at home is hard enough, so when you’re headed on a trip, make it simple by packing fresh produce that’s already been washed and cut for easy consumption.  This way, when you have to make a pit stop for fuel, you can purchase a sandwich and pair it with a fresh side to satisfy you & save on calories.

> > > GIVEAWAY TIME!!! < < <

To help you hit the road and celebrate summer, I’m excited to share that my friends at Coca-Cola are sponsoring a road trip giveaway!  Leave a comment on this post with where you’d love to take a road trip this summer for the chance to win a prize pack including a cooler bag, gas gift card, perfectly portioned Coca-Cola mini cans, phone charger and headphones.  All the things you need for the ultimate road trip!  One winner will be selected at random & notified via e-mail.  Giveaway ends Friday, July 17th @ 11:59pm CT.


Good luck, friends!



**Disclosure: I am a consultant to The Coca-Cola Company & provide practical nutrition information on behalf of the Company. All opinions expressed are my own. This prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way to this blog.


I would love to take a road trip to Florida!! It’s the ultimate destination. I want to head to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. I love road trips with my son.


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