DIY Happy B-Day Banner

I’m celebrating a friend’s day of birth tomorrow & I HAD to make sure her day was complete with a little b-day decor! I make these kinds of banners all the time because 1) they’re cheap 2) they’re easy to make (really, I’m not just saying that!) 3) you can personalize them to whatever saying or color you like & 4) they add that special something to any ole’ shindig! Let’s begin shall we…

your ingredients

– at least 2 different colored papers (my cardstock neons came from Wally World & my kraft came from a roll which you can find at any convenience/grocery/office supply store)
– a pencil
– scissors
– adhesive of your choice (double stick tape, glue stick, glue gun, etc.)
– ribbon ***optional (my glitter ribbon came from Michaels’)

2 sets of letters

offset your letters

tape your letters & ribbon

1. Begin drawing/tracing your desired lettering onto your 1st colored paper. (I free-handed mine, but if you’re not comfortable with just giving it a go, try printing out your favorite type in a large font size. Cut these letters out & then use the cut letters as a stencil.)
***Remember that you’ll need 2 sets of letters for your banner! — 1 set in 1 color & a 2nd set in your other color of choice. (Since I free-handed mine, I cut the 1st set of letters out after drawing them & used the cut letters as a stencil for the 2nd set. No need to do doubly the work friends!)
2. Cut out all your letters & pair the letters up with their colored counterparts.
3. Play around with arranging your letters by offsetting them to give them that “shadowed” effect. (See my photo-set above for ideas. I ended up offsetting all my letters the same way, but you could totally mix & match however you like!)
4. Tape together your offset letters using the adhesive of your choice. (I used double stick for convenience.)
5. If you would like to string your banner, now’s when you begin spacing your letters on your ribbon in preparation for taping them together. (I used regular ole’ Scotch tape on my ribbon & it seems to be holding up just fine.)
***This step is totally optional! I think just spacing these letters out on a nice table spread would look lovely as well. 🙂
6. Hang your new Happy B-Day banner up for all to see (and be really jealous of, muahahaha)!

How did your banner turn out?




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