I have to admit that as much as I tout single serving items for portion control, I know they can cost some big bucks.  But before you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, let me share my healthy hack for DIY SINGLE SERVING SNACK PACKS.  All you need is some small re-closeable plastic bags (like the ones you see in the jewelry section of craft supply stores).

Simply measure out 1 serving of your favorite snack mix, seal shut, and slap on a washi tape label for some extra fun!  I recommend sticking to snack mixes that don’t have added salt (so unsalted or low-sodium) or sugar (look for unsweetened dried fruits and keep chocolate tasties to a minimum).  If you wanna go all-the-way homemade, mix up something yourself like I did here with walnuts and low-sugar dried cranberries.

These super simple snack packs are perfect for life on-the-go and make great anti-hangry travel buddies.  (Plus, you’ll have some extra aces to spend on the stuff you really want.)

Happy snacking, friends!

— lj


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