stylin' my DIY Colorful Bobby Pins

Wanna add some color to your summer tresses? Well this d.i.y. couldn’t be easier! I’m talking seconds peeps. (It’s actually taking me longer to write this amazeballs post for you.)

bobby pins BEFORE

ZOYA Nail Polishes

– bobby pins or hair clips of your choice (doesn’t matter if they’re old & crusted because they’re about to get a makeover!)
– nail polishes
– a piece of paper/cardstock/index card

colorful bobby pins AFTER

1. Space your bobby pins out on the piece of paper. (Pictured)
2. With your favorite nail polish in hand, lightly brush the top of bobby pin with polish until fully coated. (I only used 1 coat of polish, but would assume additional coats would only make the pins that much sweeter!) ***For Color-Blocked pins, see below!
3. Let dry.

**How to Create Color-Blocked Bobby Pins:
My pins had 5 “ridges” on the surface so I simply noted where the top of the 3rd ridge was & made sure that marker was where 1 polished ended & the other began.

I’ve also noted all the different colors of ZOYA nail polishes I used for this project (pictured). Hope you find some cool colors you love just as much I did 😀

Good luck my friends!


P.s. sorry for the major TYPO in my 1st pic guys :/ COLORFUL Bobby Pins…COLORFUL ;]


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