Happy fall, y’all!

It’s has completely cooled down here in Nashville so I’m breaking out the winter wardrobe, y’all!  It feels good to go through all the stuff I tend to accumulate and PURGE.  I like to employ the Marie Kondo method of keeping only the things that “spark joy” — letting any old stuff find a new home and (hopefully) making someone else happy.

Any who!  In light of my recent kick to revamp and renew… I figured I should do the same with my diet, but with a little dash of fun.  So with Autumn’s arrival of new fruits, veggies and flavors, let’s play a game to spice things up!

Your Objective:  To enjoy more fall fruits and vegetables by filling in a complete row of squares (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). 

How to Play:  For every fall fruit and/or vegetable you consume, cross it out on your Bingo card.  

Ready, Set, BINGO!


Download your Fall Fruit & Veggie Bingo Card here

How are you going to enjoy your fall fruits & veggies?  Tell me in the comments below!

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