I am beyond thrilled to feature a special Guest Post today from my new friend Kate of Stilettoed to Steeltoed.  Be sure to check out all her stylish happenings and read on for some fashionable advice for fitness gear that’s supes cute!  Thanks to Kate for her uh-mazing contribution. 

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Happy Thursday Handmade Healthy readers, my name is Kate and I am super excited to swapping blogs with Lindsey today! I’ll be sharing some tips on how to stay fashionable while getting fit and Lindsey is handing out some healthy eating advice over on Stilettoed to Steeltoed.


So how do you stay fashionable while getting fit? Well its all about your gear and sticking to a slimming color palate. I always gravitate toward black workout pants or capris from Zella which are great for wicking sweat, move with you and wash extremely well (I’ve had a few of their pieces for years)! 


Then for the top I usually stick with a looser fitting sleeve tee from Nike which allows me move without any worries. 


Finally for a girl on the go, you need a good gym bag and I absolutely love this one from Lululemon that holds everything from my gym clothes and sneakers to a sweatshirt water bottle. Stay fit and fashion my friends! 

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January 15, 2015

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