Hope your February is off to a fabulous start, folks!  Lots of exciting things have been happening here in Nashville, including the launch of Green BEAN Delivery in Music City!

When I heard that the grocery delivery service (which specializes in organic produce, natural food products & local-area food favorites) I knew I had to reach out and learn more about how Green BEAN Delivery can help you (& me!) with our healthy eating efforts.  I was lucky enough to get to try out Green BEAN Delivery‘s service so here’s more about my experience.


To get started, the process itself is pretty darn simple:

#1) Register for an account.
Here you can choose from a variety of BINS
a. Small (includes $35 of fruit & vegetables) 
b. Combo (includes $28 of fruit & vegetables)
c. Medium (includes $42 of fruit & vegetables)
d. Large (includes $49 of fruit & vegetables)
e. Fruit (includes $42 of fruit)

#2) Shop

Here’s what I got in my Combo Bin for $35:

green-bean-delivery-nashville green-bean-delivery-nashville cilantro

1) 1 bunch Cilantro ($2.75)


2) 2 large Avocados ($3.90)


3) 1 lb. Green Beans ($2.95)


4) 1 bunch Kale ($2.95)


5) 3 Apples ($2.85)


6) 8oz. Super Snap Peas ($2.95)


7) 1 Orange ($1.45)


8) 1 Kiwi ($0.85)


9) 1 bunch Broccoli ($3.95)


10) 1 lb. Brussels Sprouts ($3.75)

ground-beef11) 1 lb. Ashbourne Ground Beef ($6.95)

Overall, I was very impressed with my Green BEAN Delivery order!  Ordering was seamless & didn’t take much time and all the groceries arrived on time and in perfect condition.  But I have to say what I LOVE most about this service is the emphasis on high quality produce… most of us don’t get enough fruits & veggies in our diet and ordering with Green BEAN Delivery makes you choose a specific dollar amount of these nutritious foods before you can choose any other groceries.  This is a huge game-changer to how we approach healthy eating, y’all!

So who’s already a fan?!  Remember that your bin is delivered FREE with a $35 minimum produce order, but if you use the promo code: “bc6hahe” you’ll also get $15 OFF your 1st order! (This promo code applies only for new members and reactivations only.  Expires 04/28/2015.) 

Happy grocery shopping, friends!




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