The holidays and “healthy” aren’t exactly the best of buds this time of year.  But what could make things a little bit easier when it comes to a healthier lifestyle is 1) accountability and 2) small actions that are achievable daily.

Let me introduce you to Healthier Tennessee‘s new app, “Streaks for Small Starts“.  This FREE tool aims to make healthy living simple with just a touch of a button and a few minutes each day.


You can choose from a variety of health goals ranging from “Walk and Talk” (get a little exercise while you’re talking on the phone) to “Pop Some Grains” (sub popcorn for your usual snacks).


I chose “Take 10” (take a 10-minute walk) and “Commercial Breaks = Move Breaks” (sneak in some exercise during commercial breaks)… totes doable!

And I’d love for you to join me and other Tennesseans as we strive to “Be healthier today than you were yesterday.”

— lj


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