In a Nutshell: The Health Benefits & Culinary Uses of Nut Meats (via the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics)

BEANS, BEANS, THE MAGICAL…protein?!  Slash vegetable?!  (Too bad “toot” doesn’t rhyme better with protein or vegetable, folks.)

Beans (which are actually the mature form of legumes) are super sources of plant protein, iron & zinc.  And because of this they’re categorized as foods that fall under the Protein Food Group.  However, they’re also super sources of dietary fiber, folate & potassium, so can also be categorized as foods that fall under the Vegetable Group.  Kapeesh?

Well you’re probably wondering, “What are legumes?”  Legumes come from plants whose pods split in 2 when ripe.  Kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas), split peas & lentils are all legumes.  Get more deats on your favorite bean (also in downloadable poster form if you’d like) here.

These nutritious little nuggets are so versatile (and wallet-friendly!) that they’re a great go-to for any busy weeknight.  I typically purchase canned beans, but ALWAYS drain & rinse them to remove up to 40% of their salt.  Try going meatless at a meal with one of these delish bean-filled recipes:

What’s your favorite way to enjoy beans?



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