Hosting house guests for the holidays?  Not only is it a chance to get up close and personal with your home dwellers (on more levels than we care to admit), but it’s also an opportunity to help make their stay happy & healthy while away.  Here are some “Healthy Guest Room Essentials” to include for your out-of-towner:


  1. List of Local Parks & Healthier Eateries — Quickly list some of your favorite local hot spots for visitors to enjoy too.  (Download my free list here: LIST OF LOCAL PLACES I LOVE)
  2. Carafe of Water — A well-hydrated guest is a happy guest 🙂
  3. Cups — To accompany the carafe of course!
  4. Fresh Fruit — Apples, oranges, & bananas are easy mainstays, but offer up seasonal fruit when possible.
  5. Fruit + Nut Bars — I’m in love with KIND’s Honey Mustard bar for a savory something mid-day!
  6. Single Serving Snack Packs — Great for the out-of-towner on-the-go!

What goods do you like to offer guests who stay over?

— lj


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