Have you ever wondered, “What should I weight?”  Well, before you get caught up in what what you should or should not weigh and how you should or should not look, I challenge you to consider what healthy means to you without a number on the scale.

Stumped?  Join in on Green Mountain‘s mission to help individuals find & accept their healthy weight through happy, healthy, & fulfilled lives by participating in their Healthy Weight Week activities:

  1. Monday 1/20 :: Let Go of Dieting Day
  2. Tuesday 1/21 :: Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day
  3. Wednesday 1/22 :: Change the Conversation Day
  4. Thursday 1/23 :: Do Away with the Weigh Day
  5. Friday 1/24 :: Embrace Your Healthy Weight Day 

Find more deats on these Healthy Weight Week activities here!

So what is your healthy weight, friends?


« photo credit: www.fitwoman.com »


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