Oh My Nosh! Valentine's Day ParcelsOh My Nosh! Cookies n' Cream TrufflesMadison Park Valentine's Day CardRed & White Paper Straws

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! 😀

I just wanted to show off the finished product that my DIY Valentine’s Day Tags went towards. The tags adorned some Oh My Nosh! Valentine’s Day Parcels (pictured) that held the most delicious heart-shaped Cookies n’ Cream Truffles (pictured) that your taste buds have every encountered. [I found that my chocolate drizzle turned out best when I was drizzling to Drake! hahaha]

And I haaad to feature the super cute Madison Park Valentine’s Day Card (pictured) & Red & White Paper Straws (pictured) that my sweet roomie gave me. I have to admit that I’m actively trying to find an excuse to use the straws right now!




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