Grabbing a daily pick-me-up is an automatic habit for many of us.
Wake up, coffee…
Bathroom break, coffee…
3 o’clock, coffee…
Casual hang, coffee…

And while our day-to-day coffee consistency could be a cause for concern (because of the caffeine content), the opportunity for seemingly harmless lattes to turn into dessert drinks is also alarming!  Next time you pay a visit to your favorite coffee bar be sure to keep in mind my 5 essential steps to ordering a healthier coffee drink:

healthier coffee tips

  1. SLIM DOWN ON SIZE:  Request “the smallest size available” which may not even be listed on the main menu.
  2. MAKE MILK LOWER-FAT:  Most baristas will automatically make your mixed coffee drink with a higher-fat milk so be sure to specify “with 1% milk“, “with non-fat milk“, or “with skim milk“.
  3. SWEETEN SANS SUGAR:  Opt for your favorite no-calorie sugar substitute instead of the white stuff.
  4. SWAP THE SYRUP:  Request a sugar-free syrup for flavor OR try going halfsies on the regular stuff.
  5. WITHHOLD THE WHIP:  Do NOT tell them to “whip it good”!  Save those extra kcals for something that will really kick your energy level up a notch.

What’s your favorite healthier coffee concoction?

— lj

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My favorite healthier coffee concoction is Ganoderma Coffee. Because Ganoderma Coffee beans have been infused with Ganoderma extract which makes it a potent and healthy coffee. While there is very little scientific proof that Ganoderma coffee itself may have magical healing powers, the extract itself has shown some very promising health facts indeed.This combined with the health effects of coffee make it a potent combination that can certainly help ones health.

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