With the start of this new year, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to take a BIG step in my career. I’m both excited & scared for what the future holds, but now is not the time to lose my cool! To help me transition into (hopefully) bigger & better things I’ve loaded up my nightstand with wisdom from ladies who…well who kick a$% when it comes to their careers. I figured, who better to know how to navigate all this madness than the women who have it figured out?!

My 1st read was Mika Brzezinski‘s “Knowing Your Value” (inspired by Levo League‘s article on “Career Books Every Young Woman Needs to Read”). This book was so empowering & might have been the very thing that pushed me to recognize that I deserve more & should pursue it! Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from Mika & friends. I hope you like ‘em!




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