How often do you end up tossing spoiled food? I hate the feeling of having to trash items after they’ve past their prime only because I (me…my own fault) didn’t plan so well. (Cue the eye roll.)

I’m sure it’s no big surprise to learn that many of us struggle with wasting food each week. Did You KnowThe average American family throws away >$2K of food every year. Ahh! That’s a lot of kashish to be pouring down the drain. (Pun intended!)

I want to share with you the most amazing service developed to help remedy this undeniably common problem I have. Cook Smarts (headed by the incredible Jess Dang, a self-proclaimed “kitchen cheerleader”) is launching a Meal Planning Awareness program to help home cooks conquer their financial & health challenges, while reducing the strain on our environmental resources. Their goal is to teach home cooks how to easily plan delicious & healthy meals for the week in about 30 minutes, which is less time than it takes to eat just one meal out!

The Cook Smarts Meal Planning Method: “MAKING LIFE HEALTHIER + EASIER – ONE HOME COOK AT A TIME.” 

They believe that by giving home cooks the tools & skills to plan & prepare healthy meals, they can help YOU lead your healthiest & happiest life. You’ll spend more quality time with your family, reduce your risk for weight gain & disease, and stress less about wasting money & food! Check this infographic:


Because this is a cause I whole-heartedly believe in, I took the pledge to be more kitchen savvy in September for my health & my happiness!


Now the question is…what are YOU going to do about it?! May I suggest the following:

  1. Let me hear from you! What struggles do you run into when meal planning & why is it important to you? #WhatsYourMPA
  2. Take the PLEDGE like I did to cook 4 more meals in September. (When you take the pledge, you will receive an 8 part email series that has all the tools & knowledge any home cook needs to succeed in the kitchen & start living your healthiest, happiest life.) 
  3. Snap pics of your mealtime creations & use the hashtag #WhatsYourMPA.

In the end, I know you’ll be meal planning like a boss.

— lj


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