I’ve learned a couple of tricks or 2 that I wanted to share to help you achieve optimal fitness without breaking the bank. I hope some of these work for you too!

1. The Library ::
Your local public library is full of FREE fitness gems! (As long as you turn them back in by their due date of course.) While they do carry an array of instructional books on fitness, my fav fav fav is their exercise DVD collection! Seriously check out these finds I discovered at my local Nashville Library:
– The Tracy Anderson Method presents Dance Cardio Workout Score! THE Tracy Anderson has worked with super celebs get fit & fab and now I can too 😀
– Step Up Revolution Dance Workout — I don’t even need to say more about this one.
– Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout — Now I can yoga my way to my inner Skinnygirl.

2. Smartphones ::
Before I had the funds to afford a gym membership I used my Nike Training Club iPhone app religiously! It’s challenging, motivating (rewards are involved!), & I love all the ways you can personalize your work outs (including setting your own jams, setting a difficulty level, & choosing a goal). These apps are also on my “to try out” list: Women’s Health Workouts LITE & Women’s Health Hot Yoga Body.

Ever explored the iTunes store freebies that come out regularly? I’ve collected several Women’s Health Magazine videos (see pictured) that I keep on my MP3 player.

3. Social Networks ::
Oh Pinterest, how you influence every facet of my life (fitness included!). Here are some pin-worthy boards you gotta follow:
– Greatist‘s “No Gym? No Problem!
– Health Magazine‘s “No Gym Workouts

And I can’t forget about Facebook. Are you fan of any of these pages? Because you totally should be!:
– VSX by Victoria’s Secret — You can Train Like an Angel, because let’s face it who doesn’t want to rock a bod like the angels do?!
– Your local Lululemon — I LOVE how our Nashville Lululemon is always offering FREE opportunities to get fit! They’ve informed me via their Facebook Page about all sorts of activities including fireside yoga, running groups, & fitness classes.

4. Area Gyms :: Most fitness facilities are friendly enough to offer FREE passes to newcomers, you just have to ask nicely. For example, the YMCA of Middle TN is big here in Nashville & they will honor a complimentary one-day pass. (Be sure to take a peak at their group fitness schedule before you try ‘em out. You can find me at Hip Hip Dance Blast on Tuesday nights at the downtown location!) Don’t just look into your big name fitness facilities, but also reach out to smaller gyms, studios, & community centers.

5. Game Systems :: Know a gamer you can bug, I mean hug? Video games have seriously come a long way since the days of Duck Hunt (who else loved this game?). The Nintendo Wii comes in close 2nd to being awesome at combining tech & fitness (borrow WiiFit, Just Dance or Zumba Fitness which may be offered at your…LOCAL LIBRARY), but my FAVORITE is Xbox 360 + Kinect’s Dance Central. These routines were seriously made for JT’s (yes, Justin Timberlake) next world tour. You can learn the dances at your own pace, practice difficult moves whenever you want, play as a crew, or challenge other individuals & the coolest part is it keeps track of the time you spend gettin’ your groove on as well as the calories you burn (aaand Usher prompts you throughout the game!).

What kind of FREE FITNESS will you check out to help you get healthier & happier in 2013?



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