I’m going on tour kids!  Just kidding…  But I am participating in the “My Writing Process Blog Tour” which I am honored to be involved in.  I was invited by the oh-so-talented Charles from “The Local Forkful” and he’s passing the baton to me!  I’ve never done a blog tour before, but it’s been an interesting and different way to engage with other bloggers/friends, learn something new about them and even a little about myself.  

Here goes…

1) What am I working on?

Right now, I am working on defining my dietetics career.  Kinda vague, I know.  But, the truth is that I now have the opportunity to pursue my passions (food, do-it-yourself, dance, creative communications, hyping up healthy and happy lifestyles, graphic design…) with purpose!  I’ve been feeling a little bold lately (that’s what you get for playing Beyonce on Pandora) and looking to push the boundaries with my nutrition knowledge to see what I can conquer. Uncharted territory here I come!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would say that most registered dietitians who blog have a stronger element of recipe development on their sites.  True to my rebellious streak, I’d rather give voice to the other small (but significant) ways you can have fun with food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write to share and elevate the awesomeness.  Simple as that.  I like to think that the things that get me jumping up and down with excitement will also make your day that much brighter 🙂

4) How does your writing process work?

Process?  What process?  Hah, I really can’t tell you how any post really starts because the inspiration could come from anything, anywhere.  Ideas do tend to come to me in the most random of moments so I’m usually scrambling to find a scrap piece of paper to jot it down before I forget.  After that, I do like to look at my calendar to see what’s going on and when the post would make the most sense.  This way, I can also plan appropriately for any props, pics, etc. I need to take care of before I send it off to cyberspace.  I like to draft my posts in Google Docs since it’s easily accessible and I reference thesaurus.com frequently to give my content that extra dose of character.

Now, get excited for the 3 bloggers I have invited to join me on the “My Writing Process Blog Tour”!  Be sure to check ‘em out and tune in next week to learn more about their writing process.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to…

  • Matt from “iBehaviorCoach — Matt is the man with the muscles and the mind to help you get the most out of life!  Take a bit of time to listen to his podcasts or iBC TV for a fun way to start working towards your wellness goals.

  • Lauren from “Adventures of Jack and Me — Lauren and I go waaay back and I’m thrilled to get to feature her here for the “My Writing Process Blog Tour”.  Her honest reflections on family life and losing a loved one will leave you feeling like living life to the fullest.
  • Karman from “Nutrition Adventures — Karman is my partner in crime when it comes to scheming up world domination.  You’ll love all her tasty treats because guess what, they’re nutritious too!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys.  Got any writing tips for me?  I’d love to hear ‘em!



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