Have you been to the Omni yet?  Lemme tell you, it is an experience that every southern lover in Nashville needs!  I had the pleasure of checking out the full-service Omni Nashville Hotel in true VIP-style with my fellow Nashville Food Bloggers.  We spent an evening wining & dining at their Kitchen Notes Southern Dining & it did not disappoint folks!  Just take a peak at our evening’s menu:

  1. Deviled Eggs Chef Inspired for the Day
  2. Low Country Crab Cakes Corn Bone Bisque
  3. Sweet Potato Tater Tots Sorghum Honey Mustard
  4. Black Kale Salad, Romaine, Fennel, Apple, Radish, Reggiano Cheese, Torn croutons, Garlic dressing
  5. Winter Squash Latte, Vanilla Bean Foam 
  6. Nashville Hot Pork Shank, Maple Butter, Blue cheese Waffles
  7. Bison Meatloaf with raisin BBQ, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Collard Greens
  8. Golden Tile Fish Blackened, Roasted Local Vegetables and Barrel Aged Green Pepper Aioli
  9. Cast Iron Seasonal fruit Cobbler a la mode (it was cherry!)
  10. Chef Andrews dessert of the Day

Ermehgerd.  The squash latte, meatloaf + collard greens, and tile fish blew my tastebuds!  (And I didn’t even mention the trio of delicious biscuits we nibbled on before this fabulous food coma.)

To top it all off, we scooted down to Barlines for THE BEST (George Dickel) whisky cocktail I’ve ever I had called the “Lincoln County Maple Smash”.

Special thanks to the Nashville Food Bloggers (especially Beth Sachan) & all the super gracious folks at the Omni (Tod Roadarmel, Kellie Keyes, & company) for all the food & fun.  This downtown hotspot is a definite must (no special occasion required)!



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