I went on a little grown-up getaway last week and like many travelers, was faced with the frustrations of airport/plane food :/  No bueno.  My particular airline did not serve the usual snack choice of “Peanuts or Pretzels” so instead (in my hangry state of mind) I mulled over which I would recommend as the healthier choice.  Here’s what you should know:


As you can see, Peanuts have more calories per ounce (largely because it has more grams of fat as well as protein).  In this instance, I think it’s more important to note the lack of nutritious-ness in the Pretzels (high in sodium, low in fiber and protein) despite them being lower in calories in comparison to the Peanuts.  So, PEANUTS FTW!  It would also be a great protein to pair with your favorite portable produce, like an apple, banana, cutie or unsweetened dried fruit.

What other healthy airplane/port tips do you practice?




Really appreciate the nutrition breakdown between peanuts and pretzels as a snack . Like them both but not happy to see sodium content in pretzels. Thanks

So glad you find it helpful, Craig! 1oz pretzels contributes >25% of your daily recommended sodium (which is 1500 mg/day per the American Heart Association). 🙁


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