It’s nearly a new year friends!  Totes cray.

I hope you take a moment to reflect back on your 2016 before fully embracing the new year.  Here are just a few questions to ask yourself…

How’d you do?  It’s not a competition, and there are no right or wrong answers.  But use this as an opportunity to set your intentions for 2017.  (Pst! If you’re needing expert help with formulating some solid goals for the new year, be sure to follow me over at The Meal Planning Method as we’re hosting a FREE webinar on goal setting just for you!)

And because I wanna help you celebrate 2017 in a fun, food-filled way (is there any other way?!), I’ve made a you a free, printable 2017 Calendar that includes ALL the food-related days, weeks and months your little heart desires! 🙊 (Thanks to UNL Food and National Day Calendar for informing me how I can celebrate a food nearly every day.)

Print your 12-month Food Holidays Calendar here

Let me know if I missed your favorite food holiday!

Happy New Years to you and yours 🙂



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December 31, 2016

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