So I’m like many stingy souls out there who looove a bargain! Dollar store? Count me in! Clearance sale? I’ve been waiting. since. yesterday. Any who, I thought I’d finally give away my super secret shopping weapon that whenever I come across, I literally enter into another dimension! I’ve shared some of my most recent finds & here’s what you need to know to get your own…

  • What: LESS THAN $1 buys for your party, photo shoot or gifting needs. Discounts max out at 70% OFF on items that are originally only $1-3!
  • When: Products are very seasonal (depending on holidays & popular events like back-to-school, graduation, etc.) & you can guarantee the day after a holiday the sales begins & lasts about 1 week.

I get that these items are pretty inexpensive to begin with, but when you’re needing to buy in larger quantities this is a very budget & wallet friendly way to achieve just that!

Hope to catch you at the next sale! (Or not.)


P.s. HUGE shout out to Arts&Dafts and CreatureComforts who made all my photoshop arrow brush dreams come true!


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