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Nothing screams summer more to me than a trip to the beach. ☀️🌊 🌴👙 Growing up, my family made the trek every summer to visit FL right when school let out.  We’d stay out all day riding the waves, strolling up and down the beach, only to

PIN IT! [05.10.2015]

Hiyo, friends!  This post is coming you a wee bit late because I had such a lazy Sunday (seriously), but better late than never. Take a peak at all my favorite “PIN IT!” pins from this last week: Nobody else matters.    I can’t wait to vacay-cay this

PIN IT! [03.15.2015]

Go shorty!  It’s ya berfday!  It is, it is!  And what a wild ride this last year has been for me.  But I can honestly say that I am so happy to be in this place in my life, surrounded by people who inspire me to


I’m Lindsey & this is my official attempt at bloggin’ 😀 Here you’ll find all the madness that consumes my life — foods & crafts & late night dance-offs…ya know, the ushe (and yes I did just use that abbrev…hah! ohhh someone please make it