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Happy fall, y’all! It’s has completely cooled down here in Nashville so I’m breaking out the winter wardrobe, y’all!  It feels good to go through all the stuff I tend to accumulate and PURGE.  I like to employ the Marie Kondo method of keeping only


Hey friends! I am so excited to share the tastiest lettuce wraps I’ve ever created.  Seriously.  One of my favorite meals my mom makes is her homemade lettuce wraps.  They’re fresh, filling and oh so flavorful.  It’s kinda incredible how you can turn such simple ingredients

PIN IT! [10.11.2015]

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!  I’m back after an exhausting and exhilarating FNCE here in Nashville last weekend.  Were any of you there? Anywhos, keep scrolling to check out all my favorite Pinterest pins from this week: You have to stop doing what you think you should do

PIN IT! [08.30.2015]

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!  What have you been up to this weekend?  I’ve been trying to get ready for the coming week, but keep getting side-tracked by Pinterest hah!  (Typical.)  Scroll on to check out my favorites from this week: Remember…   I’m in love with this Menu Planner

“PIN IT!” [12.21.2014]

My 12.21.2014 Edition of “PIN IT!” is here to help you get thru this last leg of the holiday season!  Here are all of my favorite pins from the week: Who cares what other people think!?   This is too easy NOT to do!   Give