Hellooo, HandmadeHealthy-ers!  I have a very special post for you today that I’m super pumped to share.  It’s undeniably tailgate time in Tennessee so there’s lot of excitement in the air.  Buuut I tend to get more excited about the food than the football to be honest.  So when I learned of mill&mon, a brilliant brand bringing you perfectly packaged party products for all your tailgating needs, I was thrilled that pre-graming has finally gotten some serious party pizazz!  Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic duo and their darling game-day decor. 

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We are Millie and Monica.  We met in college at the University of Tennessee as members of the same sorority.  We quickly bonded over our love for fashion, big cities, and of course, our Volunteers. After several years a part post college, fate brought us back together in our home of Nashville, TN.  It didn’t take long before our ideas morphed into possibilities and soon ended up as a dream-turned-mill&mon.

We grew up watching the Vols in Neyland Stadium and tailgating at the University of Tennessee.  We both went on to attend UTK as students, where we fell even more in love with the experience of an SEC football Saturday.  Growing up as dedicated Tennessee fans, we watched our parents create a lifestyle through the work they put in to each fall Saturday. 

Inspired by our many years of growing up on Rocky Top and all its magic, we decided we wanted everyone to experience the same tailgating game days we grew up looking forward to each fall.

mill&mon finally came to life at the beginning of 2014.  We are roommates in our hometown of Nashville, so you can imagine the late nights we stayed up formulating our ideas and turning them into what mill&mon is today.  We have a huge extra closet in our house, which is surprising we have any extra closet space whatsoever.  We have way too many clothes.  Anyway, we piled some cute office furniture and décor into the extra space and started working!  


Our vision is to take party-throwing precision to a level of convenience and add a chic touch for football fans who value style—whether its fans that want to dive into the tailgating scene and don’t have the right know-how, or those seeking a more stylish, less-hassle means of hosting.

We are working to create Tailgate Trunks for more collegiate teams and provide our hosting services for different functions.  These would include Greek events, alumni occasions, as well as corporate gatherings.  Our mission is to aid the modern-day party thrower by providing convenient, fresh and fun party necessities in order to create unforgettable memories.  We plan to dive into additional SEC schools by the end of the season and on to additional events by summer (just in time for wedding season!)

We ship to any fan in the country for any game. Our Tailgate Trunks are the perfect essential for throwing a viewing party as well.  We want to guarantee you are able to have the game day experience regardless of your location. 

We have three trunks to meet different tailgating needs. All of our boxes come with enough essentials to comfortably host twelve tailgaters.

They are as follows:


#1) Touchdown Tailgate Trunk

The Touchdown Tailgate Trunk is your ultimate go-to for the best tailgate on or off campus.  With the Touchdown, you will have all the essentials, extras, and delectable decor to make your game day celebration the one everyone’s talking (and cheering) about.

Enough Essentials for 12 Tailgaters:


#2) First Down Tailgate Trunk

Add some flair to your fete with the First Down Tailgate Trunk. Not only will you have your essentials, but you’ll also set up with some eye-catching additions to make your tailgate fabulous and functional. 

Enough Essentials for 12 Tailgaters:

#3) Kickoff Tailgate Trunk

Start your Gameday with the basics. If you want to throw a coordinated tailgate with the essentials, the Kickoff Tailgate Trunk is assured to kick off your day perfectly (pun intended).

Enough Essentials for 12 Tailgaters:


Here’s what we like to pair our Tailgate Trunks with:

Popcorn!  Who doesn’t love popcorn?  Many forget about this convenient snack, but it can be the perfect grab on game day.  We love SmartPop!, Whole Foods 365 Organic Popcorn, Good Health Half Naked Popcorn, and Skinnygirl Popcorn. Pre-popped popcorn is a great option as well, and Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop. is our absolute fave.


Apple dip!  Who doesn’t love sweet fruit with a light and airy dip?  Our favorite one has a rich taste with a guiltless recipe of ingredients that keeps us from munching on all the other more guilty snacks at the tailgate.

Combine all the ingredients and add/edit to taste and dip away with Granny Smiths!

photo 4

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Thanks to mill&mon for sharing about their terrific Tailgate Trunks and some of their favorite game day grub!  But we’re not done yet 🙂 

I have an exclusive mill&mon 20% OFF Promo Code to share with you and all you have to do is show our new friends some love by:
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Just comment below to let me know that you have done all 3 before SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th @ 11:59pm CDT so you can receive your dang good discount code and rock your next tailgate true mill&mon-style!

Good luck and I said uh GO VAWLS!

— lj

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September 7, 2014

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