Today’s post is inspired by The Giving Table‘s Food Bloggers Against Hunger campaign. The effort was created in response to the new documentary, A Place at the Table, highlighting the struggles of food insecurity in America.

The sad truth is that millions of Americans live in food deserts without access to healthy ingredients, including fruits & veggies. Even those participants getting assistance from our nation’s food stamp program (which is at risk for severe cuts that would impact millions) are only allocated $4 a day to survive! Can you imagine that? What would you do if you were hungry? 

Please join me & the country’s leading anti-hunger organizations, Share Our Strength, Bread for the World, Feeding America, & The Food and Research Action Center, to help spread the word about hunger by taking the following actions:

#1) Take a few seconds to send a letter to congress asking them to support anti-hunger legislation. (The more letters we submit, the better!)

#2) Tweet Congress to end hunger.

#3) Sit back, relax & watch the film!

Also, in honor of today’s post, I decided to recreate a quick + healthy meal I first came across on Greatist in hopes that it would turn out as delicious as it was nutritious & budget-friendly.

{$2 Veggie Fried Rice}
– 1/2 boil-in-a-bag whole grain brown rice (~1c cooked) = $0.37
– 1/4 zucchini, diced = $0.20
– 1/4c cherry tomatoes, halved = $0.99
– 1/4 can black beans, drained & rinsed = $0.19
– 1/8c broth of choice (I dissolved 1 bouillon cube in 1c of boiling water to make 1c of broth) = $0.07
– 1 large egg = $0.17
– desired spices (garlic powder, black pepper, red pepper flakes, etc.)
– 1/2 Tbsp shredded cheese (optional)
**Prices do not include sales tax.

– Cook rice according to package instructions.
– In a medium non-stick pan sauté the cooked rice with the zucchini, cherry tomatoes, black beans, & any desired spices.
– Add the broth & cook an additional 5-7 minutes.
– Push the rice mixture to outer edges of pan & scramble 1 egg in the center of the pan until cooked.
– Incorporate the rice mixture & scrambled egg & top with shredded cheddar cheese.

How do you enjoy balanced meals without breaking the bank?



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