The power of a good business card is undeniable, but finding that perfect piece of paper to portray you & your brand can be quite the hunt.  Well hunt no more folks!  Queue, Moo.  Moo designs seriously stand-out stationary with lush cardstock and satin-y finishes.  But THE BEST part is you can see & feel it all for yourself and order a FREE SAMPLE PACK OF 10 MOO BUSINESS CARDS!  Major score!

Here’s a peak at my Handmade Healthy sample pack:


I love just how business cards have remained a constant despite our crazy web-based world.  Yes I love technology…

… but I also have a great appreciation for design and paper products so business cards provide that perfect personal touch that says, “Hey, let’s be friends!”

Now get to designing!  We can swap Moo samples 😉

— lj


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