With ever changing schedules and unpredictable obligations, knowing WHEN to eat can be really challenging!  Well worry no more because I have created this quick cheat sheet on the best times to eat meals & snacks in your day.

To use this resource, simply aim to enjoy your morning meal approximately within 1 hour of waking and follow the recommended meal and snack times listed.  So for example, if you’re an early riser and get up at 5 am, you want to aim enjoy breakfast between 6 – 7 am, a mid-morning snack between 9 – 10 am, a mid-day meal between 12 – 1 pm, an afternoon snack between 3 – 4 pm, and an evening meal between 6 – 7 pm.

Spreading your meals & snacks out throughout your day not only ensures you have plenty of opportunities to get some nutritious eats in your body, but refueling regularly can help you avoid feeling hangry during the day and promotes a healthy metabolism.  If you find eating so frequently isn’t working for your lifestyle, just follow the recommended meals times.

Hope you find this guide helpful for timing your meal & snacks during the day!

— lj

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