Hey y’all!  I’ve been working really hard these past few months to find new opportunities that will ignite my passions… and while I don’t know exactly what that picture perfect dream job looks like yet, I have no doubt that I am on the right track!  And I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am a part of Enthrive!


Enthrive is online weight loss coaching with yours truly 😉  I’ll be your coach at every meal – helping create a customized weight loss strategy, nutrition plan, and providing all the resources and recipes you might need to be healthier and happier.  (And did I mention this is all done virtually?!  I. love. technology!)

This short video gives you a great look into what it’s really like to lose weight with Enthrive:

Enthrive – A Coach At Every Meal from Enthrive Inc. on Vimeo. ]

Ready to work together on your weight loss goals?  Learn how to make it happen with Enthrive here!

“See you” soon 😀

— lj

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Lindsey is an amazing RD that will no doubt help you reach your weight loss and health goals! I had the pleasure to work with her, as a fellow RD, and her passion and spirit is infectious. She is fun, creative, and intelligent! Everything you need to keep it real and reach your goals.

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