It seems like everyone is getting juiced these days (and I’m not talking about getting lit).  Is it because they’re so convenient now — popping up in every gym, every neighborhood corner, and even straight to your doorstep?!  I’m so intrigued by what appeals to people when it comes to certain diet trends, but is juicing a diet or just a drink of choice (like your daily Starbucks)?  Read on for a little Q&A from me and my true thoughts on juicing:

1) What are your thoughts on juicing as a Registered Dietitian?  Many believe that juicing is not good for you because it actually eliminates foods’ nutrients.  Is that true, why or why not?

I think juicing can be a unique way to enjoy more fruits and vegetables in your diet — the flavor combinations are endless and we know that eating a variety of produce is essential to take advantage of the wide-range of nutrients they offer.  But drinking a glass of fresh juice isn’t the exact same as chomping on a piece of fresh fruit.  Juices tend to be higher in sugar and low in fiber since the process of juicing extracts the foods’ pulpy structure.

2) What do you like about purchasing fresh juice?  Is it the convenience?  Do you like to purchase a week worth or occasionally go to juice bars?

It’s fun to purchase the occasional fresh juice because I don’t get to have them all the time at home.  Surprisingly, it has also been a great way to turn my food frown upside down when it comes to certain foods I was adamant I was not a fan of.  (Beets, I’m talking to you!)

3) If you were to juice, what would you be the most excited to juice and why?  Was there a juice you purchased that you liked and would like to try making it yourself?

If I were to start juicing on my own I know I would love the challenge of concocting unique flavor combinations.  (Not to mention the pure childish joy I would feel from getting to own one of these juicers from Williams-Sonoma!)  And I would be pretty impressed with myself if I could recreate Juice Bar’s “We Got The Beet,” which features beets, carrots, apple, ginger and lemon.  It comes out this crazy purple-y red color!!


Tell me, do you juice?

— lj


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