Let’s be honest, Whole Foods Market can be an intimidating place!  The only reason I really enter their doors is to devour some chicken fried tofu OR get gelato-happy.

It bothered me that I didn’t feel comfortable enough to navigate the store to find the best budget-conscious deals, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend a FREE “Quality & Value Tour“.  Whole Foods “Quality & Value Tour” is offered to help customers learn about shopping on a budget and their quality standards.  We were led by a very friendly & knowledgable Team member who took us through all the sections & aisles of the store, let us sample some specialty products, and sent us home with a great goodie bag (including a $5 gift card!).  Here are a few money-saving tips I learned on the tour:

12 Ways to Save at Whole Foods Market

  1. Look for the YELLOW SALE SIGNS.
  2. Peak at those PRICE TAGS.  (Many foods are sold per pound so while it may sound like a lot it’s all dependent on the amount you purchase.)
  3. Go for milk or coffee in REFILLABLE GLASS CONTAINERS.  (You’ll pay more 1st time around to cover the cost of the container, but refills will be cheaper after.)
  4. Buy BULK FOODS.
  5. Fill an “ALL-YOU-CAN-FIT” BOWL with prepared foods for just $12.
  6. Cut costs with a CASE of goods and receive 10% off those items.
  7. BYOB (aka Bring Your Own Bag) to get $0.10 off your purchase.
  8. Seek out the 365 Everyday Value or Whole Foods Market brand steals.
  9. See what’s on sale in your nearest store’s SALES FLYER.
  10. Bargain hunt with a “BUNDLE DEAL” or “DEAL OF THE DAY” or “ONE DAY SALE” or “HOT WEEKEND DEAL“.
  11. Snip sure deals & coupons with THE WHOLE DEAL.  (These offers can be applied to more than 1 product!)
  12. GET SOCIAL with your nearest store’s Facebook, Twitter, & newsletter for the latest budget- friendly buys.


Don’t miss Whole Foods McEwen’s upcoming “Quality & Value Tour” on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM!

Tell me, what’s your best cheap trick when grocery shopping?

— lj


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