So you might be familiar with the Salad Dressing Fork Method – often used to keep the amount of dressing enjoyed with a salad in check. Well, in honor of National Dairy Month I’m sharing another portion control technique with you!

I’ve found that, while I’m a huge fan of Greek yogurts I’m not always crazy about the amount of super sweet fruit that accompanies many varieties of this delicious dairy treat. To strike the perfect balance between creamy (mildly tart) yogurt & sweetened fruit, I dip my spoon into the sweetened fruit, gently tap off any excess (because a little goes a long way!), get a good scoop of yogurt, & inhale! This my friends is what I like to call the Yogurt Scooping Spoon Method 🙂 Give it a go next time you’re enjoying your favorite Greek yogurt. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprise at how the yogurt doesn’t need as much sweet stuff as they give you. (BONUS: You end up saving on calories from all the extra sugar you avoided! Without skimping on flavor, of course.)

Scoop away my friends, scoop away.



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