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Don’t know what to make at home when kids have sore teeth?  As a mom and registered dietitian, it is often difficult to find the best soft foods for braces and sore teeth.  That’s why I’ve created a helpful list of soft foods that are easy to make and work well for soft foods with braces.

In order to achieve that perfect smile comes some tough days of soreness.  Both of my kids have had braces, and one of my kids had the pallet expander as well.  These are not only tough days for kids but also parents that are trying to get their kids to eat comfortably at each meal.

When kids come home from the orthodontist, the first week seems like it is the worst with the the soreness.  It is great to have a list of easy options to have on hand for those sore mouth weeks.  

From mom to mom, and dietitian to mom, I know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat when they have orthodontic treatment.  I have on child that had braces at 7 years old then again as a teen, and the my other child as a teen.  Don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of foods that are soft and appetizing for kids when they are going through sore mouth with braces. 

The good news is below you will find a good option for braces-friendly foods including:

  • Tips for Food after Braces Adjusted and Tightened
  • What to Eat with Braces: Ideas for Soft Foods with Braces
  • 21 Soft Foods to Eat with Braces
  • Ways to Cook Soft Vegetables
  • Soft Meals for Braces and Helpful Ideas
  • Food to Avoid When Mouth is Sore After Braces
  • Easy Food to Eat with Braces
  • Helpful Kitchen Equipment for Preparing Soft Food to Eat with Braces

It is my sincere hope that this information is helpful during those tough days.

Tips for Food after Braces Adjusted and Tightened

Orthodontic treatments are typically monthly which means that this is an on-going problem that is important for which to be prepared. Here a few tips to be prepared:

  • Keep some soft staple items on hand such as soft canned fruits and packets of ramen noodles.

  • Be prepared for the soreness before it happens. 

  • Find some soft veggies that are soft cooked that might work for your little one.

  • Keep some Greek yogurt on hand for a source of protein and calcium.

It is important to keep some braces-friendly snacks on hand for those tough days of mouth soreness and sore gums from orthodontic treatment.

best soft foods for braces, smoothie bowl with blueberries and peaches, braces and sore teeth, foods that are soft
Having some great soft foods options for those tough days with sore mouth from braces is helpful.

What to Eat With Braces: Ideas for Soft Foods with Braces

Since you are looking for different types of foods to eat with braces, it’s a good option to choose foods that don’t involve much chewing.  Choosing foods that are a great source of protein while still being soft like fish and eggs are the best way to help get a variety of nutrition for a healthy diet.

Soft fruits like fresh berries are excellent soft foods to keep on hand as well as a good mealtime option dessert.  Soups such as cream soups and vegetables soups are perfect for a filling soft meal. With this list you will find plenty of options for ideas for soft foods with braces.

21 Soft Foods to Eat with Braces

Use this list for ideas for soft foods to eat with braces.  Your orthodontist may also provide you with a list of helpful ideas.  Use all of your resources to see what works for your individual needs.

This list of soft foods to eat with braces is an easy way to keep track of soft food ideas:

  1. Soft fruits or fresh fruit cut into small pieces

  2. Vegetable soup with soft cooked vegetables and tender meat

  3. Banana smoothies are ideal for their creamy texture

  4. Soft cheese for a snack protein

  5. Breads that are soft

  6. Sweet potatoes baked or steamed softly

  7. A bowl of cottage cheese with pureed fruit

  8. Cup of Greek yogurt

  9. Protein shake blended smoothly with fruit and milk

  10. Creamy mashed potatoes with or without gravy

  11. Chicken noodle soup

  12. Scrambled eggs for a delicious protein

  13. Fruit juice with a meal or snack

  14. Softly cooked tiny pasta risoni

  15. Fresh berries like raspberries

  16. Peanut butter to add to snacks, smoothies, sandwiches, or shakes

  17. Egg salad for a sandwich filling

  18. Tuna salad to add to a sandwich or mix with soft pasta

  19. Frozen yogurt or ice cream for dessert

  20. Softer vegetables that are steamed or boiled

  21. Kefir, skyr, or drinkable yogurt dairy products

See, it’s not so bad, I bet you found several items that you might like!

Ways to Cook Soft Vegetables

Vegetables can be braces-friendly foods as long as they are cooked softly.  

The best foods for soft vegetables are cooked in the following ways:

  • Baked vegetables in a casserole
  • Boiling vegetables
  • Soft steamed vegetables
  • Cut into small pieces
  • Smaller pieces of vegetables are easier to cook more quickly

Cooking foods like soft vegetables are perfect for rounding out a balanced diet.  It may also be helpful to use a food processor to finely chop food pieces.

Soft Meals for Braces and Helpful Ideas

Sometimes, when the mouth is sore and the hunger sets in, it is hard to think of ideas of soft foods to eat.

Here are some examples of soft meals for braces:

  • baked fish, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots
  • creamy macaroni and cheese with softly steamed broccoli
  • ramen noodles, soft boiled egg, and soft cooked green beans

These are just examples of items to stimulate ideas. 

Here are some ideas for using russet and red potatoes.

best soft foods for braces, picture of teen with braces trying to bite into apple with ouch written next to it, foods to avoid with sore mouth
List of foods to avoid with braces and sore teeth.

Food to Avoid When Mouth is Sore After Braces

It is a good idea to know which foods to plan to avoid when your mouth will be sore after braces.  The hardest part about having braces is that there are some serious limitations when it comes to chewing comfortably.  That means that some of your favorite foods or treats will be less tolerated and less recommended.  

Moreover, the usually recommendations for reducing sugary drinks and candies are important to follow with orthodontic treatment.  The extra equipment inside of the mouth can make it more difficult to clean the back teeth and front teeth. 

After all of the trouble of having braces, you would not want to have to risk breaking them or chewing uncomfortably anyway.  That’s why it is important to choose wisely.  Here are a few foods that may be difficult to tolerate with sensitive teeth:

  • raw vegetables, raw veggies
  • hard foods
  • crunchy foods
  • hard fruits
  • hard candy
  • chewy foods
  • sticky foods
  • sugary drinks

Sticky foods, hard foods, and crunchy foods can especially be the most uncomfortable when the mouth is sore after braces or orthodontic adjustments. Use the list of soft foods to have a better eating experience after braces.

Easy Foods to Eat with Braces

With new braces and adjustments to braces at appointments, it is a good idea to know the best soft foods for a sore mouth.  Of course, each person is individual in what they are able to tolerate with sore teeth.  

There are many foods to enjoy with braces that are soft when your mouth is sore.  Many breakfast foods tend to be soft such as eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, grits, and cereal. Soups, pasta dishes, and soft sandwiches with chopped meats are more tolerable for lunch and dinner options.

This is a general list for idea of soft foods for after orthodontic treatment:  

  • Soups – Vegetable Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Pasta – Ramen noodles (my daughter’s favorite), Angel Hair Pasta with Sauce and Cheese
  • Soft Sandwiches – Soft bread with Egg Salad or Tuna Salad
  • Breakfast Foods – Scrambled Eggs, Greek Yogurt with Berries, Soft Cooked Oatmeal, Soft Cooked Grits, and Cereal Soaked in Milk. Check out these easy brunch ideas for inspiration.
  • Smoothie Bowl – Blended smoothie bowl with bananas and yogurt
  • Steamed Vegetables – Softly steamed vegetable like steamed cauliflower
  • Cooked Potatoes – Creamy mashed potatoes, Potato Salad

As you can see there are plenty of options of foods to eat with braces and sore mouth.  It is possible to have a balanced diet, however, sometimes my daughter just wants to eat ramen.  

Remember, that is okay for every now and then especially when the mouth is sore and we need comfort foods.

Your doctor may also provide you with a list of soft food ideas.

Helpful Kitchen Equipment for Preparing Soft Food to Eat with Braces

It is not a requirement but if you have these kitchen items on hand, it can be helpful in preparing soft foods to eat with braces.

Food Processor

Having a food processor and/or a blender on hand is a helpful tools when cooking soft food with braces.  The food processor helps with finely chopping items that may require more chewing. 


Similarly, the blender is perfect for making smoothies, shakes, and even sauces or soups.

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