When you are preparing your charcuterie board, the best way to elevate the board is by adding the best charcuterie board jam ideas. These charcuterie board jam ideas are an absolute must-have for your board.

In addition to adding flavor, the charcuterie board jam adds lots of color and palate pleasing elements. For example, when you add the right jam to your board, the board immediately has an element of completeness. 

If you have a hot pepper jam paired with mild meat and bold cheese flavors, the charcuterie board has a whole different spin. All of your guests will think that you are a charcuterie genius!

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Ultimate List of Charcuterie Board Jam

Here is a full list of jams that are great for adding to your charcuterie boards.

  1. Fig Jam

  2. Apricot Jam

  3. Savory Jams (Bacon Jam)

  4. Sweet Jams

  5. Hot Pepper Jelly

  6. Onion Jam

  7. Cherry Jam

  8. Peach Jam

  9. Spicy Jams

  10. Pear Jam

  11. Peach Marmalade

  12. Strawberry Jam

  13. Blackberry Jam

  14. Tomato Jam

  15. Fig Pomegranate

What Kind of Jam Goes on a Charcuterie Board?

When you are creating the perfect charcuterie board, choosing the right jam for a delicious spread can be a challenge.  With so many flavors, it difficult to know whether a sweeter jam or a tangy flavor goes best on your board. 

These spring charcuterie flavors from Terrapin Ridge Farms are perfect for your spring themed board. 

  • Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam
  • Hot Pepper Peach Jam
charcuterie board jam

Charcuterie Board Jam, Cheese, and Meat Pairing Ideas

Fig Jam

Fig Jam or fig spread is a nice sweet jam to add to your charcuterie board.  It pairs well with brie and ham for a salty and savory flavor contrast. 

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam has a sweetness that pairs well with charcuterie board cheeses like aged cheddar or goat cheese and your favorite meats such as turkey and chicken for a mild flavor contrast to highlight the apricot flavor. 

Bacon Jam

One of the newest types of jam is bacon jam or a jam that has bacon mixed into the flavor.  Cheeses such as gouda and Swiss cheese are ideal for pairing with these.  Lean pulled pork is one of the favorite meats to go along with the bacon jam. Moreover, fresh figs are a great fresh seasonal fruit to add to this charcuterie board variety.

Cherry, Peach, Raspberry & Strawberry Jams

Cherry, Peach, Raspberry jam,  and Strawberry jams are sweet jams that have similar jam pairings.  Therefore, these jams are grouped together here.  Pair these sweet jams with cream cheeses with mild cheese such as cream cheese and harvarti cheese.  In addition, roast beef is a good flavor pairing to pair with these to balance the flavors. 

Hot Pepper Jelly or Jam

A very common jam or jelly is a hot pepper jelly. This jelly is typically paired with cream cheese. Many people will add the hot red pepper jelly directly on top of the bar of cream cheese.  Meat that pairs with the hot pepper jelly and cream cheese is pepperoni to go along with the spiciness of the pepper jelly for a bold flavor. 

Onion Jam

For a unique flavor Onion Jam pairs with more of tangy flavored cheese such as feta or gruyere.  In addition, with these bold jam and cheese flavors, a mild meat choice such as roast beef or chicken pairs best. 

Spicy Pepper & Pear Ginger Jam

Not only is hot pepper jelly a bold flavor, there are also a different kind of spicy jam such as spicy pepper and pear ginger.  Grab a cheese that has a spicy flavor that stands up with the spicy jam.  These cheeses are pepper jack and havarti.  Chorizo or even a plant-based chorizo made from walnuts are additional ideas for pairings.

Peach Marmalade, Blackberry, Tomato, & Fig Pomegranate Jam

In addition to the above charcuterie board jam ideas, jams such as peach marmalade, blackberry, tomato, and fig pomegranate add such a variety of flavor and fun to your board. There is never a dull moment or a boring board when it comes to the flavors that you can add with charcuterie board jams. 

These flavors, such as peach marmalade, pair well with creamy cheeses such as marscapone.  For tomato jam, fresh parmesan cheese or parmigiano reggiano is a perfect pairing.  Additionally, proscuitto is a cured meats pairing that can compliment these jams and cheeses well.  

Do You Put Jam on Cheese Board?

Absolutely! Adding your favorite jam to a cheese a cheese board is the perfect way to add a palate pleasing flavor profile to your cheese board.

Just as adding a jam to a charcuterie board is a great idea, so is adding a jam to a cheese board. Base the type of jam on the choice of cheeses.

How Do You Display Jam on a Charcuterie Board

Displaying the different types of best jams on your charcuterie board is simple because you can be as creative as you like. 

One display idea is to add the jam to the top of a soft cheeses like brie cheese or blue cheese. 

Another idea to display your favorite jams is to add the jam to small cups on your charcuterie boards next to a variety of cheeses and fresh fruits.

Here are some ideas for displaying jams on a small charcuterie board in the image below.

What are the Main Ingredients in a Charcuterie Board?

Whether you are making a grazing board or charcuterie board, there are always the main ingredients and compenents of every charcuterie board.

Here is a full List of Charcuterie Board Ingredients.

Best Jam for Charcuterie Board

The best jam for charcuterie board is very subjective according to the type of flavor profile that you like.  However, if you are planning a charcuterie board for a large group, including an array of season fruit and flavorful jams make a nice touch. 

A mix of sweeter jams and savory jams paired with a variety of hard cheeses and soft cheeses is a crowd pleasing idea.

Charcuterie Board Ideas You Will Love

Charcuterie plate made with jam, cheese, meat, dried fruit, and marinated vegetables.  This plate sized board features pepper jam. 

It is unbelievable what you can do with a charcuterie board.  This show stopper grazing box is so elegant.  The jam is in the corner garnished with a fresh raspberry, orange slice, and fresh herb.

Using these ideas as inspiration will help you create the ultimate charcuterie board.

Jams for Charcuterie Board Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is known for popular trending grocery items.  Here are a few Trader Joe brand jams that can be found on Amazon:

Trader Joe’s Raspberry Preserves

TJ’s Organic Reduced Sugar Strawberry Preserves

Trader Joe’s Organic Reduced Sugar Apricot Preserves

Best Charcuterie Jam Ideas from Amazon

Looking for some easy jam ideas for your charcuterie board on Amazon? How about these easy board solutions:

Lower Sugar Jams

Good Good Jam

Skinny Girl Sugar Free Cocktail Inspired Preserves Raspberry Bellini

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Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Jam Gift Idea

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Additonal Ideas for your ultimate charcuterie board are crackers and breads for charcuterie board and seafood charcuterie board ideas.


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