is iced tea vegan everything you need to know

Looking for something cool on a hot summer day? Nice cool iced tea is the perfect remedy for hot weather; however, you may be wondering is iced tea vegan? 

Based on your dietary preferences for vegan options, the perfect beverage that is vegan friendly is Iced Tea.  Alternatively, ice tea only fits into a vegan diet if the additional ingredients are also vegan. 

Let’s explore everything you need to know, including the following ice tea options:

is iced tea vegan

Well, Is Iced Tea Vegan? 

Let’s answer the question that we have all come to this post to read: Is iced tea vegan?

Yes, of course, plain iced tea brewed with water is vegan.  However, it is more about what you add to the iced tea which determines if it stays vegan.  If you add plant milks, it is still a vegan option; however, if you add animal product milk or creamer to make a chai or thai drink, then it is no longer vegan.

Types of Vegan Teas

When you are following a vegan lifestyle, you may be looking to find out if your tea is consistent with your vegan diet. 

Sure there are a lot of teas to choose that are consistent with the vegan lifestyle.  When looking for vegan teas, it is less about the tea and more about what you put into the regular iced tea. 

Here are some great types of vegan teas that are also a refreshing vegan beverage:

  • vegan thai iced tea
  • iced tea oat latte
  • brewed tea
  • lipton iced tea product

Which one of these are your favorite afternoon tea options for iced tea for hot days?

is iced tea vegan plant milk options

Plant-based Options to Add into Vegan Iced Tea

This is easy… grab your favorite plant milk and add to your vegan iced tea to make the ultimate vegan thai iced tea, vegan recipe, or get creative and make it your own. 

Here is a list of easy plant-based milk substitutes to add into your iced tea recipes to make a cool, delicious beverage:

  • oat milk
  • oat drink
  • almond milk
  • rice milk
  • light coconut milk

The light coconut milk is a great substitute instead of condensed milk to get that thick and creamy texture in your beverage.

This vegan iced tea is great with brunch set up ideas.

Simple Sweeteners to Add to Vegan Ice Tea Recipes

Adding a little simple sweetener is an easy way to add natural flavors to the vegan ice tea recipe.  Adding the sweeteners below will keep the tea vegan.  These sweeteners are plant-based. 

  • maple syrup
  • agave nectar
  • coconut sugar

The vegan version of the iced tea beverage is going to taste just as good as the conventional version.  However, when it comes to sweeteners, remember that even though these are natural sugars and sweeteners, they are added sugars and consumed best in moderation.

is iced tea vegan thai iced tea recipes

Easy Vegan Iced Tea Recipe Ideas

Vegan Thai Iced Tea by Minimalist Baker Recipes:  This tea is naturally sweetened and uses loose leaf black tea leaves along with maple syrup and light coconut milk.  

Vegan Thai Iced Tea with Oat Milk by Aline Made: Using oat milk and black tea as the base of this recipe, the beverage is sweetened with brown sugar and garnished with star anise.

Make these for a fun meeting snack idea!

I hope this has helped you with your search to answer the question is iced tea vegan? It is great to know that there are so many options for both conventional versions and easy vegan versions of these iced tea recipes.


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