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Good, Good, Good … Good Vibrations!!! 

Now that you have that oldie but goodie song on your mind by the Beach Boys, let’s connect on the topic of vibrational frequency of food list.

We often hear people say the phrase “good vibes.”  For example, someone may say, “I get good vibes from that person.”  In other words, we can consider this a “gut feeling.”  However, what does this really mean, and how can we relate this to food? 

Please note that the information in this post is not medical advice.  The information regarding the vibrational frequency of foods is a compilation of information available.  

In my opinion as a dietitian, there is a lot of room for more studies to research and study the effects of the direct relationship of vibrational frequency of food and optimal health.

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What is Vibrational Frequency?

According to Jayde Archives, good vibes are emotions similar to radio frequencies.  Additionally, there is a scale of frequency that ranges from depressed to feeling joy.  

Let’s explore in this post to see if these foods can bring us to the frequency of joy.  What we are looking to discover is the health benefits of food with a higher frequency versus low vibrational foods.  We are also going to discover how vibrational frequency of food effects energy levels, immune system, and physical health.  

These findings are based on limited availability of information.  As a dietitian, I prefer to review multiple studies and information related to a topic such as vibrational frequency of foods; however, the information is so limited on this topic and could use much further research in my opinion. 

Keep that in consideration as you learn about vibrational frequency of food list.

What is a High Vibrational Frequency?

It is not a secret that people are craving more joy around eating. This a great way to have a holistic approach to eating with more joy. There are foods that are touted as having higher vibrational frequency which is measured in angstroms.

The Vibration of Food

Most of the foods that are known as the high vibration foods are fresh foods, fresh organic fruits, and green vegetables.  However, there are some additional items as noted below.

27 High Vibrational Frequency Foods

Based on the research and information available, here are 27 high vibrational frequency of food list in no particular order:

1. Fresh Vegetables

2. Bok Choy

3. Dark Leafy Greens

4. Sweet Potatoes – or Root Vegetables Cooked

5. Pecans – an example of raw nuts

6. Oats

7. Corn

8. Whole Wheat

9. Almonds

10. Herbal Teas

11. Fresh Berries

12. Yogurt – fermented food in the dairy products category

13. Kimchi – fermented food in the non-dairy category

14. Dandelion Greens

15. Collard Greens

16. Blue Green Algae or Blue-Green Algae also known as Spirulina. Generally found in health food stores or Amazon.

17. Olives

18. Apple Cider Vinegar

19. Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

20. Cold Pressed Juices

21. Green Tea

22. Kale

23. Beans and Legumes

24. Quinoa

25. Cacao

26. Sun Dried Tomatoes

27. Kefir

If you plan to use the spirulina in smoothies, the color of the smoothie will be affected by the color of the spirulina.  The blue spirulina looks really pretty in a smoothie.

blue spirulina, vibrational frequency of food list

How Vibrational Frequency of Food is Measured

According to Clary Sage College, these are the numbers associated with frequency of foods.  These numbers measured in angstroms are based on the wave lengths of food according to Earth Song Farm.

Angstrom defined is the unit of length equal to one-hundred-millionth of a centimeter.  This measurement is associated with wavelength.

The foods with the highest angstroms are regarded as the highest quality.

High Frequency 6500-10,000 angstroms:

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Freshly Laid Eggs
  • White or Green Tea 
  • Matcha

Medium Frequency 3000-6000 angstroms:

  • Cooked Vegetables
  • Butter
  • Eggs from the Grocery Store
  • Raw Sugar
  • Honey
  • Cooked Fish

Low Frequency 3000 angstroms and below:

  • Anything Processed or Refined
  • Sausages
  • Cooked Meats (Beef, Pork, Chicken)

I do need to acknowledge that they Earth Song Farm is reporting that raw milk versus pasteurized milk has a higher level of angstroms; however, as a dietitian, I do not recommend raw milk due to the possibility of food born illness.

The Best High Vibrational Frequency of Food List

According to Royal Fruits, these are the foods with the highest frequencies. 

  • Sun-ripened Fruits
  • Cold-Pressed Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices
  • Raw Uncut Non-refrigerated freshly plucked vegetables
  • Sprouts
  • Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut, Sweet Almonds
  • Olives
  • Legumes
  • Fresh Herbs & Spices
  • Fermented Foods

Low Vibrational Frequency of Food List

The foods that are reported as low vibrational frequency are typically food items that the USDA supports having in smaller quantities as well.  

One of the items listed as a low vibrational food is “large volumes of meat and animal products.”  The amount of ‘large volumes’ is not known, however, My Plate recommends 1/4 of the plate include lean protein sources.  Additionally, animal protein does not need to be excluded, just look for lean protein and a balanced volume.  Moreover, plant-based protein such as tofu can also be included in the protein section of the My Plate.  

Surprise… Refined, processed sugar or artificial sweetener are reported on the low vibrational food list.  I don’t think you were surprised, right? We know that these food items are special treats and can be eaten in moderation, which means not often. Additionally, if you are looking for a natural sweetener, there are options such as honey, agave, and maple syrup.

Alcohol is reported as a low vibration item.  Alcohol is not shown to have nutritional benefits, however, the USDA advises…. 

Instead grab a green juice, a chocolate smoothie with raw cacao, or a mocktail.

Energetic Properties of Food

Naturally we get energy from the sun.  Moreover, the sun is essential for photosynthesis.  Therefore, the plants are getting energy from the sun.  One can infer that when we eat plants, we are consuming part of that energy.  

Now, how does this relate to the vibrational frequency of food? 

Another form of energy is carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are a macro-nutrient most vastly found in grains, fruits, and dairy.


Top Foods for Raising Your Vibration

After reviewing the information regarding the top foods for raising vibration of the human body, it culminates into several groups. The groups include fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, nuts and seeds, and fermented foods. It’s not a surprise that these foods are plant-based foods that are filled with vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and other plant compounds.  

These are foods that tend to be under-consumed by the general U.S. population.  For years the USDA has compiled many studies showing the benefits of eating more of these plant-based foods to include fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats from nuts and seeds.  

Fermented foods are great for gastrointestinal benefits for gut-friendly bacteria.  Therefore, it is no surprise that these foods made the list.  In fact, a large part of our immune system is related to gut health.  

We also know that if we have gastrointestinal distress, we are naturally uncomfortable and sometimes painful leading to an effect on our overall mood and vibration.

High Frequency Foods and Mood

Although there appears to be a lack of research in vibrational frequency of foods, there is research supporting the effects of food and mood.  In fact, Have a Plant reports evidence based research shows the relationship of eating more fruits and vegetables and its positive affect on mental health.  

How does this relate to the frequency of foods?  Well if you think about it, the information related to vibration range from low vibration, close to depression, to high vibration, which is closer to joy.  The definition of joy, according to Oxford, is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”  That said, joy as it relates to happiness and great pleasure are emotions of high frequency.  

Back to the study of the relationships of mood and food by Have a Plant, it is reported that in a 2014 study showed that people that ate more fruits and vegetables reported a higher state of mental well-being.  Additionally, in 2017, there was a study that supported the relationship between the mood levels of satisfaction and happiness and the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten during the week. 

That said, it not shown that certain foods are related to easing depression however, the higher vibration foods such as fruits and vegetables can be part of an overall healthy eating pattern. 


Cooking High Vibrational Foods

In researching vibrational foods, there are some recommendations on the Body and Soul Ascension to “not over-cook” the high vibrational foods. I agree with this in the fact that if you over-cook foods, there can be some nutrition lost from the foods. In addition, the flavor and taste are also affected. 

Therefore, intuitively, we would not want to over cook foods such as fruits and vegetables and heat sensitive oils. Conversely, we do want to be sure to cook proteins to the proper recommended minimum cooking temperatures for food safety.

Vibrational Foods and Eating Locally

There are some recommendations that I found while researching as related to eating locally.  Again, this is rather intuitive.  Many people enjoy buying their fruits and vegetables locally and also through farmers’ markets.  

Local produce is usually picked closer to its peaked ripeness if it is planned to be sold more locally.  If the produce has to be shipped and stored longer before people can bring it home to consume, it may have to be picked prior to its peak ripeness.  

Moreover, there is also talk of seasonality of produce which is consistent with if you want to eat locally, you would be more likely to eat seasonal foods that are grown locally.  When food is not in season locally, we often can find these items which may come from other parts of the world in which it is seasonal.


Dietitian Point-of-View on Vibrational Frequency of Food List

The relationship of the vibrational frequency of foods and types of foods with higher vibration is actually not surprising to me as a dietitian.  Eating more fruits and vegetables has always been studied and touted for many nutritional benefits supporting many areas of health including heart health, eye health, immune health, gut health, just to name a few. 

As it relates to nuts and seeds, these are also shown in studies to have supportive benefits in several aspects of health including heart health.  Additionally, nuts and seeds can also be a part of a plant-based diet, include fiber, unsaturated fats (“good fats”), and they offer a great way to get plant-based protein as well.  

The foods that are demonstrated as higher vibration foods are also similar to those found in a Mediterranean eating pattern as far as more fruits and vegetables, olives, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.  

There are some missing or lacking items in the vibrational frequency of food list.  The categories of meat and dairy are not touted as being higher vibration.  That said, this doesn’t mean that these foods are not part of an overall good vibration.  

As a dietitian, I look at how we can have a rounded daily eating pattern that includes a variety food groups but also can be customized according to preferences, allergies, and toleration.  

Vibrational Frequency of Food List for Shopping

Don’t feel like the higher vibrational foods are the only foods that should be on your grocery list. These are just ideas of inclusion. 

In my opinion, these foods on the list are items that I have supported adding to a shopping list for years. Not because of vibrational frequency but because of the nutritious aspects of the foods along with the fiber, FLAVOR, and variety that they can ADD to meals.

See the starter list below.

Best Way to Reap the Benefits of High Frequency Foods

In summary, the best way to have the benefits of the highest frequencies of healthy foods is to think about the following tips:

1. Is it safe to eat?  Some of the foods that are publicized as high vibrational frequency are unpasteurized or raw.  Use common sense and do not eat uncooked or unpasteurized foods that we normally need to cook to eat such as meat and fish. 

2. Instead of taking away nutritious items off of the plate, add some of those nutritious that are on the high frequency foods list such as leafy greens and fresh fruits. 

3. Include gut-friendly fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and saurkraut.  Additionally, not listed above, one of my favorite drinks is kombucha which is also fermented. 

4. When choosing grains, opt for whole grains such as oats, corn, quinoa, farro, and whole wheat items.  

5. If you do not have a nut or tree nut allergy, adding nuts and seeds to meals and or snacks to help add flavor and satiety (fullness) to the meal. 

6. As the My Plate guidelines point out, 1/4 of the plate can be lean proteins which can include plant-based and animal-based proteins. 

7. Eating less of the least nutrition dense foods or “low vibration foods” such as processed high sugar items, alcohol, and foods high in saturated fats.

High Vibrational Foods for Breakfast

Bonus: Here is a bonus tip to get more high vibrational foods.  If you feel it is difficult to get more high vibrational foods such as fruits and vegetables, try getting more high vibrational foods for breakfast.  The reason why this is a good method is because you can set the day with good food vibrations and high vibe foods.  Check the high vibration foods list to see what foods you can add such as berries, yogurt, or maybe it’s a quinoa breakfast veggie bowl or overnight oats.

High Vibrational Frequency of Food List PDF

This high vibration foods pdf is not inclusive of all of the highest vibrational foods, however, it is meant to be used as an idea generator for meal additions.

high vibrational food list
Use this list as an idea generator for a grocery list of high vibrational frequency foods.


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