When it comes to making a change in our daily routine, we often want to start a new workout program, start meal prepping, and changing our daily dietary intake.  That’s why we have put together a clean eating food list printable.

Please note that the information in this post is not medical advice.  The information regarding the vibrational frequency of foods is a compilation of information available.  

A clean eating food list printable is a helpful tool for making a grocery list and grocery shopping.  In addition, this clean eating food list is packed with healthy foods to help with a clean eating journey.  Using this ultimate clean eating grocery list will empower you to grocery shop with confidence.

At times, people are confused by the term clean eating. That is why the definition is important to break it down into what it actually means.

The Definition of Clean Eating

The best way to start talking about clean eating is by having a clear definition.

However, the definition is somewhat unclear as there is some subjective details as to what each person may consider clean.

Definition: According to Oxford, clean eating is defined as the practice of eating primarily unprocessed and unrefined foods.

Unprocessed is defined as unaltered from an original or natural state.  Unrefined is defined as not processed to remove impurities. 

This article from Food Insight explains what is clean eating. In the article, the findings are somewhat murky as far as a definitive answer.

In fact, the article explains that eating more fruits and vegetables is one way to start a clean eating journey. Additionally, many foods have in some way or another been processed.

As a dietitian, I am not a big fan of the term clean eating because of the intuitive thought of the opposite – dirty.  The term clean eating can make us alternatively think that food that is not on the clean eating food list printable, it is therefore considered dirty.  

For the purposes of this article, we will stick with the term clean eating diet because that’s what people are asking and that is what they want to learn.  

That being said, the foods on the clean eating list are great in a balanced healthy lifestyle pattern of eating.  These foods represent many whole foods and unprocessed foods.

The Clean Eating Lifestyle

The clean eating lifestyle promotes eating more foods from its natural state and less processed foods from packaged foods.  The benefit of this is that these foods are lower in added sugar and artificial ingredients.   Don’t get me wrong, packaged and processed foods can be eaten in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle.

However, for the clean eating lifestyle, these foods are more focused on natural ingredients.

Benefits of Clean Eating

How do we know if a food is processed or not processed? 

We can learn this by looking at the ingredients list.  If the food is packaged and has a longer ingredient list of added ingredients, it may be more processed.  That doesn’t mean that it is “bad” for us, it just means that more work went into breaking it down and making the product.  

In addition, there may also be some preservatives to make it last longer. In addition, some packaged foods may have added high fructose corn syrup used as a sweetener.

Here are a few things about clean food that we know are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in general:

  • eating less added sugars
  • more whole grains
  • increasing fruit and vegetable intake
  • reducing excessive amounts of sodium

Let’s get to the list of clean eating groceries.  The list is broken down into six categories: 

  • Whole Grains
  • Lean Protein
  • Dairy Products
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fats and Oils

Printable Clean Eating Grocery List

Grains and Starches

This section of grains and starches includes grains and starches with the least amount of processing and added preservatives, sodium, and added sugars as possible.

Whole Grains

What are whole grains?  Some examples of whole grains are oats, corn, whole wheat, brown rice, and quinoa. 


This includes potatoes of all types including sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and red potatoes.

Lean Protein

There are both plant-based proteins and animal-based proteins included in this section. 

Plant-Based Protein examples are peanut butter, nut butters, seeds, and beans kidney beans and more. 

Grass Fed beef products is preferred for this group, however, there are several lean animal proteins.  These include organic chicken and turkey products as well. 

Organic eggs are also on the list. Eggs are considered organic typically if they are cage free and fed an organic diet.

Dairy Products

When it comes to dairy products, remember that these are also a source of protein and nutrients as well. The clean eating diet prefers organic choices when it comes to milk.  

Dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and more. These dairy products also provide a source of protein and calcium.

Fresh Fruits

This includes all fresh fruits.  See notes below about the fact that clean eating does promote more of the organic choices if available.

Fruits are perfect for keeping on hand as snacks or meal additions. Fresh fruit can be purchased fresh or frozen in clean eating. However, if only canned or dried fruit is accessible, you can opt to choose these.

Fresh Vegetables

When choosing fresh vegetables, whether you choose organic as promoted by clean eating diet, or non-organic, wash them well before preparation or consumption.

Fats and Oils

Olive Oil is a great choice since it is lower in saturated fat. 

With regard to salad dressing, making your own at home is best so that you can make it fresh.  Simply combining olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and lemon juice is an easy way to make a simple dressing.

Coconut Oil is on the clean eating list.  Keep in mind that coconut oil is higher in saturated fat and should be used in an occasional manner.

clean eating food list printable

Other foods that considered clean eating:

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is another food promoted in the clean eating food list.

Organic ingredients are also encouraged.

Here is a free printable clean eating food list to help make your shopping list simple and easy.

Before you shop, be sure to set your meal plan so that you have an easier time making a shopping list.  When you go to the grocery store, bring this clean eating food list printable with you.  

Clean Eating Food List Printable Snack List

Let’s make a clean eating snack list!  First of all, fruit makes a great snack, so add any fruit that you want to add.  Combine the fruit with a protein source, for example, apples and peanut butter. 

Here are some additional clean eating snack ideas:

  • edamame
  • trail mix
  • kale chips
  • low sugar yogurt
  • oatmeal
  • avocado
  • homemade guacamole
  • plantain chips

Here is a list of clean eating snacks for a road trip.

clean eating food list printable

The Dirty Dozen

There is something called the Dirty Dozen from the EWG that promotes more of the organic fruits and vegetables than non-organic. However, organic is not always accessible or affordable for everyone.

Regardless of which fresh fruits and vegetables that you purchase, wash them well before consumption.

One good rule of thumb when it comes to grocery shopping and organic food is to look at the produce.  Choose what looks good, appears fresh, nice color, and good smell. This is a great tip if you are not able to get the organic types of foods.

Using this printable clean eating grocery list, you can make lots of healthy meals by using the right foods and better more balanced eating habits.

This clean eating food list pdf makes planning your shopping list a breeze.

Want to Learn About Macros? 

When planning your fitness goals, you may be looking to set your macro goals.  Using this macro friendly food list as a helpful tool, your grocery shopping planning will be a snap!

If you want to learn about a macro friendly food list, check out this easy grocery shopping tool.

Can You Eat Clean with Fast Food?

Eating clean with fast food can be tricky.  It really depends on the fast food restaurant that you choose. 

If you choose a place that offers fresh food such as salads and fruit cups, this can be an option. 

Clean Eating Grocery List on a Budget

When people want to eat to improve health, they often think that they have to spend more money. On the contrary, I have a big tip for you that is a game changer and money saver.

Before you shop or make a list, pull up the online sales ad for your local grocery store. The produce items on the front and center with the best prices are often what is in season and in higher yield.  Therefore, you will get the best price plus it will taste its best.

Therefore, this will stretch your clean eating budget for fruit and vegetables.

Clean Eating Food List for Weight Loss

Incorporating better habits is great to promote better health, wellness, and support weight loss.  However, I always recommend to visit a registered dietitian so that they can help you with a successful weight loss plan.

When people start something new, a lot of times the results they see can be quick and sometimes not be consistent. However, that’s where a good plan in place that is comprehensive and inclusive comes into play.

More Information about Clean Eating

If you want to read more about the details of clean eating, you can read more about it with varying points of view. 

To summarize, a clean eating food list can help with adding a fresh perspective to the average consumption.  In other words, most people do not eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, so there are some benefits to this.

How to Take Action with the Clean Eating Food List Printable

In order to create a healthy grocery list, be sure to add some variety to get more nutrition from a variety of foods. Having a variety of food will help you create a delicious clean eating meal that includes fruits and vegetables, proteins, grains, and dairy.


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